50 KVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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The 50KVA 3 phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer works on oil cooled mechanism and is the best product for poor power conditions. The servo voltage stabilizer is the best product to be used in offices and industries. It has a high efficiency mechanism with high durability.

Key Feature

  • Fast Correction rate and very high efficiency.
  • Works over wide input frequency range and no waverform distortion.
  • Specially designed high performance I.C. based control circuit for ultra high reliability.
  • Auto / Manual operation facility.
  • Stabilizers are subject to routine and type testes in accordance with latest BIS standards (BIS: 9815-94)
  • Unaffected by Load Power Factor.
  • Over voltage and under voltage indicators.
  • Output voltage adjustability provided on panel.
  • All components used are of reputed makes conforming to relevent BiS standards.
  • Easy accessibility from all four sides.
  • Plug-in type glass-epoxy control cards for easy on line serviceability.

Advantages Of ABP Servo Voltage Stabilizers

  • Corrects voltage automatically and continuously.
  • Induction motors operate at high efficiency when supplied with constant Voltage.
  • Protects costly equipments from menace of High/ Low Voltage, thus cutting down the maintenance cost.
  • 100% depreciation as per Income Tax act.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Low Production losses & better efficiency in plant.
  • Saves on diesel cost, as generator iS not required to run at High / Low input voltage.
  • Reduction in electricity bills up to the level of app. 15% (This depends on the input variation, loading and the number of working hours)
  • Easy accessibility from all four sides.
  • Reduces MDI and saves Power.
  • Increased Productivity.

Field Of Application

  • Information Technology and Call centers.
  • Computer and Micro-Processor Controlled Equipments.
  • Sophisticated research instruments used in Scientific, Medical, Agriculture, Educational and other Research institutions.
  • Complete Hospital and Nursing Homes
  • Medical Equipments, X-Ray Machines, E.C.G. Machines / Monitors, MRI, CT Scans etc.
  • Defence Installations, LPTs, HPTs, Broadcasting and Telecommunications.
  • Lifts, Escalators and Elevators.
  • Central Air-Conditioning Plants, Processing Plant, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries.
  • Offset Printing Presses. Colour Scanners, Processors, Photographic, Photo Copiers and Packaging Industries.
  • Commercial Buildings and Complexes.
  • CNC Machines, Laser Machines and Moulding Machines etc.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity
  • Input Voltage
  • Output Voltage
  • Regulation
  • Supply Frequency
  • Efficiency
  • Effect of Load Power Factor
  • Wave form Distortion
  • Rate of Correction
  • Duty Cycle
  • Response Time
  • Cooling
  • Over Load Capability
  • No Load Losses
  • Suitability
  • Mounting
  • Earthing
  • 1 KVA to 100 KVA (Single Phase) 3 KVA to 300 KVA (Three Phase)
  • 160V - 260V, 140V - 270V (Single Phase) 300V - 450V, 240V - 470V (Three Phase)
  • 220V / 230v / 240v Single Phase 380V / 400V / 415V Three Phase
  • ± 1% or better.
  • 47 Hz - 53 Hz.
  • better than 97%
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • Better than 20V / sec. in AIR cooled models.
    Better than 36V / sec. in OIL cooled models.
  • 100% continuous.
  • Less than 100 ms.
  • Air / Oil as per requirement.
  • Upto 200% momentarily.
  • Less then 0.8% over entire range.
  • Suitable for 3 Ph. unbalanced/balanced supply & unbalanced / balanced load.
  • On Wheels
  • Earthing Terminals Provided.

Selection Guide

Choosing the right KVA of a Servo Stabilizer

  • KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. of lift * 3
  • KVA of Stabilizer = Tonnage of A.C. plant * 2
  • KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. for Resistive loads
  • KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. or K.W./ Power factor for Reactive loads.


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